Why dog eats grass?

You may be questioning what is happening to your pet as you may have discovered that it eating grass and you are wondering if it has suddenly become omnivorous. You don’t have to worry anymore. The dog's health might be one of the reasons why your dog is suddenly eating grass.

One of your dog might not be getting enough nutrients from its feed. The dog's health depends on the food it is taking this usually happens if the feeds don’t have all the nutrients that are required. That is why your dog would probably opt to look for the nutrients on its own. Apart from that, the other reason might either be grazing or behavioural factors.

For grazing usually happens when the animal is anxious or bored. Just as experts argue this is very common and you should not be worried about it. This would happen especially if the dog just loves the taste of grass.

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The second factor is behavioural. This is called instinctive behaviour. This mostly happens when your dog is having an upset stomach. They would try to swallow grass so that they can induce vomiting. It usually happens when there is no way to induce vomiting.


If your dog is having good balanced diet then you should not worry too much. However, make sure to talk to your vet especially if this happens after their meals. The dog's health might be worsening this would be as a result of eating something bad. Signs that your dog is eating grass for negative reasons would be vomiting. This shows you the dog has an upset stomach. Make sure to check with your vet as this is not a good sign you might end up losing your dog. Thus you have to check with your vet so that you are sure everything is fine.